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Number of items: 9.

Deposit site id: UT9119 Parc y meirch Hill, St.George.

Deposit site id: UT9005 Llandderfel flat axe.

Deposit site id: UT9002 Halberd.

Deposit site id: UT9003 Merioneth flat axe.

Deposit site id: UT9010 *Caernarvonshire flat axe.

Artefact: Axe Head Reference: UT42 Part of Hoard UT9042 Parch-y-meirch palstave.

Artefact: Axe Head Reference: UT5 Part of Hoard UT9005 Llandderfel flat axe.

Artefact: ["eprint_fieldopt_artefact_type_weapon" not defined] Reference: UT2 Part of Hoard UT9002 Halberd.

Artefact: unknown Reference: UT9019 Part of Hoard unknown Llanbedr palstave.

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